Isabella Tomaszewski: An Artist at THS

Denise Trescott, Editor

Senior Isabella Tomaszewki’s hopes to be a comic book artist in the future. To prepare for this, she draws frequently, takes art classes and enters art competitions.

“My favorite art piece was the one for the Joyce scholarship that was called ‘Monstrosity.’ It was the biggest piece I have done, and it was a lot of fun,” Tomaszewki said.

“I’d like to be a comic artist. I love drawing and making characters. It would be a fun way to show their stories off, and I want to inspire people,” Tomaszewski said.

Tomaszewski said, her favorite medium to use is marker but she also likes colored pencil.

Senior Charlotte Davis said she believes Isabella is super driven and work hard on her work.

“I think she is super driven and she will get a project done. She will start on it and won’t stop until its finished, and even if it means pulling an all nighter or working hours on end just to get it done by a deadline she will do it,” Davis said. “I think her style is unique because it kind of looks like a comic book, and everything is kind of dramatic, and all the figures are very elongated or shortened, and everything is exaggerated and I like all the colors in her work.” 

Art teacher Gregory Holland said he believes her style is unique, because she looks to the things that inspire her and has a sort of anime style to her work.

“One of the things that I think makes Bellas style unique is that she not only sort of looks at the things that inspire her but I see a lot of anime style in her work, and I know she is looking at things like spirited away, which is Ghibli Studios and bringing her interest in pop culture into her work but twisting it in her own way,” Holland said.