Best Tech Presents for the 2019 Holidays

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

From new innovations of Apple technology such as the iPhone X and 11, to Apple airpods that let users listen to music wirelessly while still getting a good sound, to Amazon’s “Alexa” who helps them out with a wide variety of problems, there are many options when it comes to tech presents this year. 


“I love having an Alexa. I prefer Alexa to Google Home mainly because it is more seamless. There’s an ecosystem with all of the Amazon products that is nice for continuity. I can turn my lights on with Alexa, listen to music and open my garage door. Also, the ‘Echo Dot’ is only about $30,” junior Alanna Espinoza said. 


Amazon has an entire line of Alexa products, including Echo Dots ranging from $25 to $40 depending on the skin, Echo Plus ranging from $70 to $80 and the new Echo Loop, $129. All of these products are interchangeable and can do the same things, some just come with better sound design or a more powerful speaker. 


“Airpods have changed me. Not having to untangle the cord every time I want to listen to music is so nice. They are a little expensive, but the quality is worth it,” senior Krista Maki said. 


Apple released the “Apple Airpods” alongside the iPhone 7 in 2016, but they only recently rose to popularity with many Timberland students. They come in a wireless charging case and the cheapest version is $159.


“For many seniors looking to go to college, a laptop is always a good investment. Either a Macbook or Windows laptop can change a college student’s whole work-flow. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, just something to get the job done relatively fast,” junior Nick Newbauer said. 


So, looking for a present for that tech-savvy someone? The Amazon Alexa, Apple Airpods, or a laptop can be appreciated by many,