Frozen II

Kayla Davito, Reporter

A flurry of snowflakes and excitement returned this past month when ‘Frozen II’ was released November 22. Many people, THS students included, flocked to theatres to see the second movie. 

“I am really excited to go see ‘Frozen ll.’ I’ve heard it is a great film that would resolve any conflicts and questions that might have come up in the first movie,” sophomore Faith Flores said. 

Maybe it was for this reason that over Thanksgiving break, so many fans went to go watch ‘Frozen II’ when it was released. The movie brought in $130 million in North America and is on its way to becoming one of the six Disney films that have made more than $1 billion at the box office in 2019. Frozen II made more than its original, with still more people wanting to go watch it.

“I have not seen the movie yet, but I want to, especially since I recently watched the first movie again with my sister,” sophomore Aubrey Simon said. 

The movie seemed to be quite a hit for many who watched it. The audience score on Rotten Tomatoes sits at 93 percent and Tomatometer at 77 percent. One factor could be the music. 

I love the music in the first movie, and I would love to hear the soundtrack to the sequel,” freshman Grace Busby said.

The popular song ”Let it Go” from the original now has competition from the new film, which is full of songs like “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself”, sung by Idina Menzel. 

Many critics are willing to agree that the positive messages of sisterhood, friendship and perseverance make Frozen II what it is. However, some have also expressed doubts and concerns of younger viewers. The movie has been mentioned as ‘dark’, ‘intense’ and that ‘parents should be prepared to talk with their child’, according to 

As a father, I prepared my daughter in the best ways possible. She has seen ‘The Lion King’ multiple times. That movie features a lot of moments that may gather similar questions or thoughts as ‘Frozen 2’ would. Additionally, My kiddo has seen the movie ‘Roadhouse’ featuring Patrick Swayze a half dozen times. Not much else could be shocking to a three year old now,” biology teacher Connor Brown said.

Even with the critics’ expressed doubt, it would appear that, overall, fans throughout and including THS have seemed to enjoy the sequel of Frozen. 

Both [‘Frozen’ movies] are solid films; I like a ton about it. The snow, the setting and the opportunity to identify oneself through adversity. You must know that although you are different, you possess many strengths,” Brown said.