Junior Class Officers Feature

Gabriella Ringo, Reporter

Junior class officers is composed of a group of juniors who contribute to a variety of THS activities. 

So far this year, they have participated in decorating the float for the homecoming parade, adopt a family, deck the halls and they are currently working to organize for prom.

Junior Claire Meara said she decided to join class officers, because she wanted to be involved in Timberland. 

“I knew that it was a cub that was actually going to participate in events and it wasn’t just a club that doesn’t get anything done,” Meara said

Junior Adam Deruntz  said that his favorite part of class officers is deck the halls because he thought it wasa really fun time to get along with everyone and decorate the halls and add some Christmas spirit.

English teacher Kevin Porter has been sponsoring Junior Class Officers for five years. He said he loves the involvement of the students and watching them grow into leaders.

“Always the students. Working with students and watching them grow. Meeting new students that I don’t have in class that I get to see [is what I enjoy,]” Porter said.

Class officers are a great way to get involved and the teachers are constantly looking for students to get involved.

If interested in joining class officers, visit the Class Officers page under Activities on the THS website.