All About THS Band

Jacob Spudich, Reporter

Band, taught by music teachers Courtney White and Matthew Hayes, meets during first hour in the first semester and splits to first and second hours during second semester.

“When you join band you not only get to learn how to play an instrument, but how to love music and learn social skills. You also gain a group of friends who have the same interests as you,” Hayes said.

There are many band groups, including marching band, jazz band, symphonic band, pep band and solo & ensemble competition.

“I joined since it seemed like something I would enjoy and have fun with. Marching Band is the most difficult thing to do, as there are a lot of things to remember when marching… [You] have to be in sync with the other band members along [and there is] a physical strain,” sophomore Joshua Connor said.

“I feel like the school doesn’t know much about band, and I feel like it’s an important program that the school offers and more people should know more about it. If they’re interested in band, they can join,” junior Margret Detchemendy said.

The band is based in room 507.