D&D Club

Denise Trescott, Editor

One of Timberland’s newest clubs is the D&D Club, founded by sophomore Rowan Townes  

“I’ve been into D&D for a long time, I just wanted something I could set up at school and do it with friends,” Townes said.

Sophomore Kyleigh Smith said she enjoys D&D Club because of her friends.

“My favorite part of D&D club is hanging out with everybody,“ Smith said.

Teacher Natalie DeYoung, who sponsors the club, said her favorite part is how the students interact.

“They get excited, they shout, they yell, and they laugh and get together in the end,” DeYoung said.

Smith said students should join because it helps build social skills.

“You get to hang out with people, meet new people and learn a new game,” Smith said.

This seems to be a common sentiment amongst club members.

“It’s a great way to make new friends. We have lots of dungeon masters, so you can find a group you fit in easily,” Townes said.