Tesla Cybertruck Update

Hayden See, Reporter

On November 21, Tesla unveiled their Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck reveal was done in a large theater in California, in front of thousands of people. Founder Elon Musk and top engineers tested the durability of the vehicle. It boasts many unique features; the doors are stainless steel and dent proof, the windows are bulletproof and it is all terrain. As with all Tesla vehicles, it is fully electric.

“The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most insane vehicles I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to imagine it driving down the street next to normal sized cars, but we’ll be seeing that soon enough,” senior Connor Price said.

Tesla’s demonstration of the strong windows did not go as planned; the metal ball they threw at the window ended up cracking the glass instead of allowing it to remain pristine. However, Musk later said that the multiple hits to the door had an effect on the window’s durability. He even released a video of the same metal ball being thrown at the window on a different vehicle, and it bounced right off. 

“Even with the somewhat failed demonstration, I’m ecstatic for the Cybertruck to release,” senior Amaya Honore said.

Building off of the hype of the release, Elon Musk made the Cybertruck available for pre-order. All prospective buyers had to do was deposit $1 to get their spot in line. There is a single, dual, and triple motor option, which each have their own max range and 0 to 60 mph time. They start at around $40,000, and go up from there depending on how many motors — one, two or three — the customer decides on purchasing in their vehicle.

“I was considering putting a dollar down for the Cybertruck, because why not,” senior Karley Quinn said.

Production is set to begin in late 2021.

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