Improv Club

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Improvisation often shortened to Improv is a theatre technique that involves making up the act on the spot. Students at Timberland who are involved with the improv class and club can audition to be in public improv shows that occur four times each school year. 

“The best part of improv is that you never know what someone will say, so it keeps you interested,” senior Ian Couch said. 

Improv shows consist of theatre games played by the actors who are played in a variety of different scenarios. One example is Actor Switch where two to four actors play certain assigned roles. Then, when the master of ceremony yells “switch” they all switch characters and continue the scene hopefully seamlessly. Actors must be mindful of the other character when they switch to maintain that consistency.

“We play games in teams and at the end of the night the audience votes on which team was the best and who deserves the win,” Couch said.

The next show will be on March 13, with auditions held March 9. Tech Theatre teacher Mrs. Queen says she does not know what games will be played during the show yet. 

“My favorite part about improv is getting to know new kids and seeing them break out of their shell,” Mrs. Queen said. 

The Improv and Sketch Comedy class will have a performance with Liberty in April 17 with Liberty in the Timberland theatre.