Chiefs Win! Superbowl Sunday

Kayla Davito, Reporter

Sunday, February 2 was Superbowl Sunday. The game, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, started at 5:30 p.m. and ended around 9 with a win for the Chiefs.

THS students had various reactions to the 52nd Superbowl. 

“I watched the game, because football has always been a fun thing to watch with my dad,” sophomore Makayla Auringer said.

Before the actual game on Sunday, students had the opportunity to participate in a spirit day, nicknamed ‘Fan Friday,’ where they could wear colors to show which team they would be rooting for on Sunday. The choices were to wear red for the Chiefs and white for the 49ers. 

“I participated in Fan Friday. I wore white to support the 49ers,” freshman Connor Mccaleb said. 

After Friday, many eagerly waited for the Superbowl to begin and in the meantime watched the commercials specially put out for the Superbowl weekend. 

“I watched the commercials and liked most of them. My favorite was probably the ‘Doritos’ one,” freshman Luke Wortmann said.

Finally, Sunday arrived, bringing the long-awaited Superbowl, and for some, the equally exciting halftime show. 

This year’s halftime show featured Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Shakira took the stage first, followed by Jennifer Lopez, with a finale featuring both performing together. People had mixed reviews.

“I thought the halftime show was pretty bad; in fact, it was worse than most other years,” Wortmann said. 

Overall, however, many fans enjoyed the game, which ended 31-20, the Kansas City Chiefs being the winners. 

“It was a good game; I enjoyed it- I thought it was a very competitive game and I also liked that the Chiefs won,” freshman Van Gertken said.