School Interrupters: Why we have them?

Jacob Windham, Anchor, Reporter

With the many drills and assemblies that occur throughout the year. Questions like “why do we have these things” may arise.

Drills and assemblies each have a part at Timberland High School. Drills, the majority of them being for fire, exist for the safety of the students. Assemblies, usually happening on certain fridays throughout the year, normally bring the school together and promote different aspects of the high school experience.

“I think the importance of drills is just to ensure the safety of students,” Assistant Principal Emily Eberhardt said.

Drills are repeated throughout the year and each staff member knows the safety procedures, according to the WSD website.

“Assemblies are a great way to show school spirit,” Eberhardt said.

Multiple assemblies exist throughout the year to show off a certain topic relating to the school.

Drills and assemblies both exist not to interrupt school, but to ensure that the students’ high school experience is the best that they can get.