April Smith: A Spotlight



April Smith teaches English I and IV, sponsors Link Leadership and co-coaches Varsity Cheer.

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

English teacher April Smith teaches Advanced English I, English IV and the Link Leadership class. She is the co-coach to the Timberland Varsity Cheerleading team and has been the sponsor of the Link Leadership since its creation. 

“Smith handles the subjects she teaches with care. You can tell by the way she talks about English that she really has a passion for it. Her commitment to the school is admirable, with her Timberland merch decorating her classroom and her involvement with clubs and activities,” junior Alanna Espinoza said. 

Smith said she enjoys teaching at Timberland because of the school spirit and because the students are all willing to learn. She said she likes teaching freshmen because she can see their potential, but she also likes teaching seniors because they are easier to joke around with.

“I love the energy that Timberland brings to everything. Our sporting events are always packed, our dances are always full and our activities are always alive with school spirit. I love the connection I’ve made to my cheerleading girls, my Link kids, and the students I have in class. I feel like I have a place here,” Smith said. 

She also brings good energy to the cheerleading practices, according to senior Brynn Dockweiler. 

“She is always bubbly and happy to see us. Even when she is critiquing us, it’s easy to know that she is doing it to benefit us, not her. She gives us motivation to never give up, which is all you ask of a coach,” Dockweiler said. 

Smith’s said the biggest key to success in high school is to not stress out because everything is temporary… because tomorrow is a new day.