Jason Theodorakos: Baseball Coach and Social Studies Teacher

Jacob Spudich, Reporter

History teacher Jason Theodorakos teaches Government and Sports in Society and sponsors the Ping Pong Club and ACT Counts Club.

“The purpose of sponsoring this club is because I want to help kids reach the highest level of education. Also to make college cheap as possible since it is scary to go into debt. This way we can make college more affordable and make sure kids don’t go that far into debt,” Theodorakos said. 

Theodorakos is also a coach for Timberland. He coaches the Varsity Baseball Team and last year was the GAC Central Coach of the Year.

“Our goals are just to go out every day and compete and ultimately win another Conference Title, though the biggest goal for this year is to win the District title,” Theodorakos said.

“As far as a coach, he is very supportive whether you succeed or fail. He puts a winning culture around the team,” senior Hunter Larson saids

“He makes his teaching fun and tries to help out everyone succeed with his own style that makes it enjoyable,” freshman AJ Raines said.

Theodorakos can be found in room 103.

“I want to help kids get to the next stage of life and be there for them for each and every day. To also bring laughter to their day and to have a great time and hopefully learn some things and to be an important person for them on that way,” Theodorakos said. 

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