Rated F For Favorite Movie

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

With big blockbuster movies hitting theaters and award season in full swing, it can be easy for some to get caught up in all the hype. But despite the sometimes negative reviews, most people know deep down what their favorite movie is. 

On February 9th , the 92nd Academy Awards announced Parasite as the best picture of 2019. But, THS students did not all list it as their favorite film.

“My favorite movie is ‘Avengers Endgame,’ because it is really cool to see all those films come together,” sophomore Trevor Letiz said.

A wide range of movies were listed, but none were the same. Even teachers  had a wide range of responses, from war films to classic 80’s films 

“My favorite movie is ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ because it is about World War II, and I love those kinds of movies,” English teacher Erica Wagner said. 

Members of the WSD have the opportunity to make their own movies, by participating in  Wentzville’s 4th annual film festival on April 7. Winners will receive a free iPad.

“My favorite movies would have to be the brat pack movies from the 80’s, like ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Breakfast Club’,” English teacher Corinne Drozkowski said.