Color Guard Spotlight

Kayla Davito, Reporter

Most commonly seen on the football field during halftime shows, Timberland’s color guard practices and performs in front of the school and at their own competitions as well. The team works hard to perfect complicated routines that include running, throwing and catching flags, all while on the beat of the music… and the rest of the team.

“I really like color guard just for the joy of spinning, but it is also amazing because of the people. I have made some of my best friends from it and the coaches are really there for you and supportive,” freshman Alicia Jorgensen said. 

Practice makes perfect, and the color guard team practices often. Most take place every Tuesday and Thursday after school for three hours, with competitions on Saturdays that last all day. Competitions are out of state, more often than not, usually taking place in Illinois. Though the team puts in lots of hard work and effort into their practices and competitions, onlookers tend to question if what the team is doing is actually a sport.

“I wish people knew that it was much more difficult than just throwing a pole in the air. It can be really frustrating being judged for doing it when no one understands it. It is a military sport and almost everyone who does it has gotten at least one concussion during it. We have to keep our feet in time with 20 other people on the team and keep our flags in time and dance with music. It is so much more difficult than outsiders can see,” senior Shelby Crim said.

Those on the team can seem to agree that guard has helped them stay not only physically fit, but also helped make new friends. The team is currently open for new students to join next year.

“I plan on doing guard in the future, if I can get captain,” sophomore Lindsey Rehne said. “Our team is close, but welcome to new people. Join color guard!”