Spring One Acts

Gavin White, Reporter/Anchor

A one act is exactly what it sounds like: a play performed in just one act.

These one acts are usually performed in 40-45 minutes.

Theater and English teacher Andi Dubitsky is the director of the one act “Romeo You Idiot.” She said her favorite part about the production is getting to work with the students.

“I love when I can say ‘I love how you did that, let’s work with that,” Dubitsky said.  

Dubitsky said the most important part of a show is everyone.

“There are no small parts, only small actors,” Dubitsky said. “Anyone who dips their toe into a production, we couldn’t make it work without them.”

Carlo, a foreign exchange student from Germany, plays as Tybalt in Romeo You Idiot. He says his favorite part is getting to work with Dubitsky and the other students.

“I just hope that we have a good show and that we make people laugh,” Carlo said. “I hope that I have my lines memorized and I have the accent down.” 

The one act performances start on March 5 in the Timberland theater at 7:00 pm.

For any questions regarding the performances, visit Queen’s room, 513, or Dubitsky’s room, 262.