Varsity Basketball Story

Jamia Harris, Reporter

With winter sports coming to an end, Timberland’s varsity basketball team’s season started off rough, but ended strong.

The team’s most recent game against Washington is now making them 8-12. With the help of the teams four coaches and two managers, they strive to finish the season off by winning their games. 

“I wanted to be a manager, because I wanted to be a part of the school,” sophomore Jada Keleman said.

Varsity basketball is considered by many to be a popular sports at Timberland. 

“I’ve been playing since third grade and I played it in my free time,” junior Taijh Jenkins said.

The team said they  worked hard to win their last couple of games of the season. 

“Well I watch a lot of films and break down things that are offense and defense, and then we go into practice and we put those things on the floor and work,” head coach Kyle DeWeese said. 

 The varsity team is coached by DeWeese with the assistance of history teachers Matt Adams, Charlie Baltz and coach Trey Bales. The team has players ranging from sophomore to seniors and only has thirteen players.

“Our goal is to take one day at a time and prepare ourselves for district tournaments at the end of the season,” DeWeese said.

The coaches and players said they are focusing on bettering themselves and focusing on how to prepare themselves for their opponents for the MSHSAA District Tournaments.