How Students Stay Busy During Extended Closure

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, schools across Missouri have switched to an online learning format. Along with this, the government is suggesting everyone to “social distance” and to not go out unless absolutely necessary. So without being able to see friends or participate in social activities, how are Timberland students keeping busy?

“I have been watching a lot of Youtube and Netflix. I know it is not the most productive thing I could be doing with my time, but it keeps me busy. It does get pretty mind-numbingly boring from time to time, but I have also been spending a lot of time with my family, so they keep it interesting,” junior Lucas Sweeney said.

With many students not able to work, most of their time is spent at home. Many students have been watching movies, playing video games or catching up on the latest Netflix shows, however, some students have been trying to learn a new skill while they have all this free time.

“Keeping myself busy has been hard, but I am trying to learn how to do basic programming. I want to be able to make a 3D model and have it move where I want. I have all the time in the world to work on it, so most of my time has been spent accomplishing that,” senior Emmah Brauss said.

Online classes have been set until April 24, leaving many students feel that they have a long time until life can return to normalcy.

“I have been going on a lot of walks to get some fresh air. It is hard to stay inside all the time, even when the people you love are so close. Sometimes, it feels like you are figuratively suffocating, and you need to get some air – that is when I go on walks. I also have been basically vicariously living through the Sims, having them go to social outings and hang out with friends, while I am at home 2 inches away from my computer monitor,” senior Shelby Crim said.

The CDC and the government have said that being close with other people in a time like this is really dangerous because of the Coronavirus’s unique properties which do not show symptoms until up to two weeks. This means a person could spread the Coronavirus without even knowing they have it, according to the CDC.