Why Hanging Out With Your Friends Will Not Make Shelter at Home Any Better

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

Students across the nation seek comfort in meeting up with their friends after their high school experience was stripped from them due to the coronavirus. However, this is counterproductive and does more harm than good.

Isolation is being enforced more than it ever has in our lifetime. With schools across the nation closing, along with the cancellation of many proms, spring sports and graduations, many students are devastated.

In turn, many students are coping with such an abrupt change in lifestyle by ignoring social distancing advice and meeting with their friends. However, many students do not realize just how big of a risk they are taking by doing so.

There are currently over 5,000 total cases of coronavirus in the state of Missouri, as of April 17, according to health.mo.gov. Among those, 165 have died and many more are said to have the virus. The coronavirus is predominantly spread from person to person. In addition to this, it takes two to 14 days in order for one to experience symptoms. Therefore, one could not only catch the virus by being in public, but they can also spread the disease to many others without knowing.

At a time like this, it is more important to think of what can happen to you if you chose to avoid social distancing. The disease is no stranger to younger generations. The pandemic is so serious that multiple states and counties decided to close schools for your safety. This being said, the virus is indeed as dangerous as the media outlets and doctors make it out to be. No matter your age, social distancing is a must.

This is not a drill. This is a time that should be taken seriously and should be spent protecting yourself, your family members, and loving friends and family even from afar. Be safe. Abide by the rules of quarantine.