Tofu is Not Gross

You’re Just Not Doing It Right

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

Tofu is a fermented soy product that is used by many as a plant-based protein. Although it has the potential to be a delectable alternative to meat, common mistakes can make it hard to enjoy.

Forgetting to Press

This is the most common mistake, and thus many complain of the soggy texture of the tofu. This can easily be avoided by pressing out the water in the tofu by wrapping it in cloth and placing a heavy book on it for 20 minutes.
Often, Tofu comes in a one pound block, submerged in a plastic carton of water. This is water is necessary in order to keep the tofu as fresh as possible. However, like the blood in meats, the water needs to be drained for the dish.


Everything tastes better with seasoning. This does not exclude the likes of tofu. It has gotten a bad reputation due to its natural lack of flavor. Ironically, you season tofu the same way you season meat. This may include marinades, dry seasonings or brining. Tofu is not meant to be flavored straight from the packaging. This is a misconception that many people, and restaurants, have, that leads to the tofu misconception.

Choosing the Wrong Texture

While this may seem small and insignificant, buying the right texture of tofu can make or break a dish. This includes a range from silken to super firm. Soft textures of tofu have higher water content and are soft enough to be used to make sauces and soups. On the other hand, a super firm texture more so mimics the firmness of meat and eggs. Using soft textured tofu for vegan eggs will lead to a lump of mushy disappointment.

If thinking about buying tofu, it is important to abide by these rules. Though small changes, these simple tips can transform the flavor, and common perception, of tofu.