Make the Most of What You Have

Stop Swarming the Fast Food Restaurants

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

The coronavirus is a pandemic that none of us expected. Most of us had no idea how to plan for a pandemic. Thus we stock up on food…and proceed to go to the nearest fast-food restaurant.

After drying the stores out of their toilet paper and hand sanitizer supply, people went straight to the food and masks. In spite of this, they continued to purchase fast food. Working in a fast-food restaurant, the lines have been neverending since the start of quarantine. The long lines wrapped around the building were never-ending. Though it is good for business, it is utterly stressful for the workers.

If you are going to buy out all of the local grocery stores, please consider cooking the food that you bought. Also, if there is a line that is already decently long, please do not get in line when there is food at home. I assure you that many families would have loved to have even a portion of the ingredients that are sitting in the pantry.

Think of all of the other people being affected by the virus. We cannot hug or touch one another, but we can show compassion during these hard times by making the most of what we have; knowing that others are not as lucky as to have them.