iPhone 12 Rumors

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Apple has never sold an iPhone with an OLED screen for under $999. This may soon be changing. The iPhone 12 lineup is expected to have an OLED screen phone available for $649. 

“iPhone 12 pricing could start at $649 this year,” according to Jon Prosser of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech. Prosser says this information comes from his same source who accurately revealed the new iPhone SE’s launch date.

Prices for the iPhone 12 lineup would be as follows: 5.4 inch $649, 6.1 inch $749, 6.1 inch pro $999, 6.7 inch Pro Max $1099. 

“I think anyone would love an OLED screen on a low price phone,” senior Robby Manor said.

All four models are expected to have OLED displays and 5G data/wifi support. The less expensive 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch models are said to have dual-lens rear cameras. The more expensive 6.1-inch model and 6.7-inch models are expected to have triple-lens rear cameras with a LiDAR Scanner.

“5G on any phone is almost useless right now unless you have the right plan, but it’s the right direction to be taking things,” junior Marcus temple said. 

Other phones with OLED screens under $1,000 include: Google Pixel 3a, Galaxy S8, Pixel 4 and the galaxy S9.

“Other companies have had OLED and 5G for way longer but because it’s not an iPhone people don’t seem to care, ” senior jackson Fenner said. 

The iPhone 12 will also include the A14 chip or better, which would allow for seamless connection to other Apple products like the Airpods.