Plans for Missouri’s Reopening

Kayla Davito, Reporter

Recently, Governor Mike Parson announced his plan for reopening Missouri. With precautions in place and social distancing in mind, it appears that many Timberland students are eager to get back to the way things were, even if it means learning a new type of normal. 

In a survey sent out this week, 66.3 percent of students claimed they had plans made for when the Shelter-in-Place plan was lifted. Priorities ranged from missing restaurants to missing friends, and wanting to get back to the gym or to work.

“[My plans for after shelter at home include seeing] my friends, and agreeing to hit all of the fast-food places. McDonald’s french fries here I come,” junior Madelyn Ratcliff said.

Friends and food were both high on the list of plans students and staff had for after quarantine ends. Many agree that these things, as well as countless other aspects of life, had been taken for granted. 

“I miss socializing with the people I saw every day. I did not realize how much I took the ability to go to school for granted until we had this situation,” sophomore Shelby Clark said.

Speaking of school, the last official physical attendance day was March 13. No one could have predicted the day would have been the end of the 2019-2020 school year, but many are wishing they could have known and/or given a message to their past self.

“I would’ve [wanted to know], because then I could’ve spent a little more time with my friends, and cared a little more towards my teachers,” freshman Meagan Payne said. “[I would tell myself] give it your all that day, because it’ll be the last time you can for a while.”

Overall, with the light at the end of the tunnel seemingly approaching in the near future, it is important to keep in mind safety measures and why they were put into place. Shelter-in-Place and COVID-19 have drastically changed everyone’s lives. As the world transitions back into a new normal, the memories made and lessons learned have changed many.

Online school was not the only thing students have learned during this time. For example, new skills or talents may have been discovered or maybe learning something about themselves.

“I started doing yoga, I never thought I would enjoy that. It’s honestly a really good stress reliever and it’s super fun,” freshman Allison Plumb said.