MLB, MLBPA Salary Dispute Should be Halted

Hayden See, Reporter

In talks to start up the Major League Baseball season next month, there is a dispute between MLB and its players’ association.

The MLB owners have sent over a proposal to the MLBPA for approval on a plan to start the season. Spring Training would be in June, with the regular season starting in July. However, the plan is starting to look like it will be stuck in limbo.The players are demanding prorated salaries, while the owners are set on a reduced pay structure.

On one side, the owners claim that nearly 50% of their revenue is derived from gate and concessions, and that playing with no fans in the stands will have a major effect on their ability to pay. On the other hand, the players are aware of the years and years of success the owners have reaped, along with the extremely lucrative television deals MLB teams land. Add into that the factor that surrendering to the owners’ demands now could lead to further issues in CBA negotiations, it is easy to see why they are hesitant to accept a reduced pay scale.

It is imperative the MLB and MLBPA come to a compromise to bring baseball back. With the world void of sports, the return of the MLB season would reap them both benefits for years to come, as them being the only sport on television will undoubtedly lead to increased popularity.

If the MLB and MLBPA both know what is right for the game of baseball, they should come to a compromise quickly.