How Students Are Enjoying Shelter At Home

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

With social distancing and a travel ban still in effect across America, it could be difficult to enjoy summer. With three months off school and nothing else to do (except work) this time would usually be spent with friends and families. However with Coronavirus in full effect it can be hard to enjoy this time off. So what are Timberland students planning to do with their summer?

“I am hoping for things to go back to semi-normal soon, so I can at least hang out with my friends. I’m going to be doing a lot of working and volunteering because there is nothing else to do. I’m just hoping I can somewhat enjoy my summer,” junior Alanna Espinoza said. 

Many students have been working more hours since Coronavirus, because they said they do not believe there is anything else to do. Others have gotten creative. 

“I found a way to hang out with my friends. I bought a projector, we put it on my back deck, and we all sit six feet apart and watch movies all day. I have a feeling a lot of days like those are ahead,” senior Bella Daws said. 

Finding ways to interact with friends and family is important during isolation, according to many students. 

“I usually go to the park with my boyfriend and talk to him from six feet away. It is hard to not have any physical contact with anybody though. My friends and I usually will go to a park and toss a big ball around. It’s just something to do,” senior Abby Island said. 

 It can be easy to not call your friends or hang out with your family, according to Island. Many students do believe, however, that this summer, things will go back to being somewhat normal.