2020 School Year Advice w/COVID-19 PSA

Brooke Benne, Anchor/Reporter

Feeling stressed over changes this year school year due to COVID-19 Pandemic? This weeks PSA gives some insight on how to make the 2020 school year a little easier.

  1. Currently, Timberland requires students to wear a mask in building, everywhere but lunch, and acne can result from covering your face all day. So it is important to wash your face as well as mask, either by hand or by throwing in with a load of laundry daily. After drying on a clothesline or dryer, you can rewear your mask. Make sure to not wear any makeup underneath to prevent buildup and maskne.
  2. To get a solid grip on your schedule, it is prudent that to a planner or track assignments on google calendar to know what and when something is due/needs to be done. To access Google Calendar, login with your school account, find the icon, and, from there, add assignments with plus button, or simply press on date and add anything you need to show what needs to get done. Settings also allow you to customize the style of calendar.
  3. It is important that if your or someone you know is feeling weighed down by changes this year or anything else, make sure to have a support system such as your friends, family or school counselors to turn to. The guidance office is open throughout the school day, and also have as a de-stress page available to assist and help on the Timberland school website under academics and counseling.