Covid-19: No Student Section

Due to Covid restrictions only parents are allowed to attend games

Mia Palazzola , Reporter

Prior to spring of 2020, during sporting events, students gathered together in the bleachers and on the sidelines to cheer on their team and bring school spirit. At THS, this is known as “the student section.”

However with the new Covid-19 safety guidelines, there is no student section. Instead, immediate family – parents and siblings –  are the only people allowed to attend games.

“This year has been really different compared to others due to Covid,” communication arts teacher and cheer coach Erica Wagner said.

Many sports do not look the same as they used too due to Covid restrictions.

“We have to be cautions with who we are around, and we can’t really go out on weekends, because we have to put football first before anything else,” senior Matt Miner said.

Some parents feel that there should be some compromise.

“Not that I want to give up my seat, but I think it is the student’s school, and I even think kids like to have their peers watch… So, maybe home games have students and away have parents, ” volunteer Malissa Martin said.

There’s a lot of thoughts and safety measures that go behind the decision of  whether or not to have a student section. Even though we do not know some of those answers, many people hope to see a student section back in the future.