Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

THS Students and Staff Weigh In on the PSL Debate

Aubrey Nolen, Anchor, Editor & Reporter

This year at some coffee chains the pumpkin spice latte was released extra early. Dunkin released theirs August 13 and Starbucks August25. 

According to bustle.com the pumpkin spice latte was first released (it’s not a story, it’s a beverage) at Starbucks in 2003, and it was immediately obvious it was going to be a hit. 

“I love [pumpkin spice lattes], I think they’re the best thing in the world, in my opinion,” sophomore Daniel Wells said. 

In a poll of THS students and staff,  57% said they also don’t drink pumpkin spice lattes. 

“I don’t drink pumpkin spice lattes,” senior Mia Russo said. 

 Of the 43% of students who liked pumpkin spice lattes, 79% said they prefer Starbucks over Dunkin.

  “Starbucks obviously; it’s the go-to. Before school, you can just make a quick pit stop, perfect,” Wells said. 

Spanish teacher Emily Torres said she likes both. 

 “Either really, but probably Starbucks, and I like to get caramel added to it,” Torres said. 

Most Timberland students do not like pumpkin spice lattes, but those who do prefer Starbucks.