Frau Appelbaum Spotlight

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter

Guten Tag! Frau Elaina Appelbaum teaches German II and Advanced German II.

“I love my students and interacting with them,” Appelbaum said.

Something special about her class is that she always asks how everyone’s day has been and makes sure that people are ready for a productive and fun hour in her class.

“One thing that I have learned from Frau other than German is really just how to be a nice person,” student Brett Hallemeir said.

German is not the most popular language class at Timberland, yet the students in Frau Appelbaum’s class have a positive input. There are currently 168 students enrolled in German.

“She talks to us on our level,” advanced German II student sophomore Emily Koncki said. “Frau has taught me to never give up even when things are difficult.” 

Appelbaum’s German experience in high school led her to the interest of traveling and then soon after, teaching. Appelbaum strongly encourages those who want to get involved to either take her class, start up on DuoLingo, or simply watch Netflix in German.

For any questions about German club, visit room 275 or contact Frau Appelbaum at [email protected] . To take a German class sign up during 2021-22 registration.