Changes for the 2020-2021 School Year

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, THS implemented many new regulations during the first half of first semester.

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

This school year has looked and felt different than prior years, with reduced class sizes and fewer student attendance days a week.

Many other changes have been made, including sitting in a certain required area at lunch, seven minute passing periods to allow for sanitizing all chairs and desks in each classroom, and sitting at least six feet apart from other students. 

“It’s the year of change, so we’re doing a lot of different things safety wise to ensure student safety. We’re doing a lot of different things with teachers and ensuring they have the resources they need to teach the students in the classroom. We’re doing a lot of physical distancing and wearing masks. There’s a lot of changes in the lunchroom that you’ll see. It’s just a lot of differences and that’s okay,” assistant principal Emily Eberhardt said.

This year, teachers have had to make many changes to their lessons to help their students stay on track for success.

“Before the school year started, they encouraged us to be merciful, because they figured it would be hard for you guys to make the transition. I’ve been trying to make my quizzes about 20 percent easier, and I’m making my tests a little bit shorter. It’s hard, because in the past I would see my students five hours a week, and now I see you two,” spanish teacher Peter Hult said.