Volleyball: Coping with Corona

Will Tischler, Reporter

This year, Volleyball has faced some challenges due to Covid-19.

“Our biggest disadvantage, I would say, is during practices we have to wear masks and it’s kind of annoying, but we can deal with it,” sophomore Kalyn Williams said.

Like many other teams, volleyball is required to wear masks during practices and games due to Covid-19. They also sanitize and do their best to socially distance themselves from each other during practice.

“The mask situation was hard at first but as practices went on it got a lot easier,” sophomore Makenzie Woods said.

Varsity volleyball’s current standings are 10-2-3. The volleyball teams also have a combined 16 tournament trophies in the trophy case, won between 2002 and 2019.

“My favorite thing about my team this year is we are all really trusting in each other, and we are all already best friends,” sophomore Ema Rains said.