Timberland Varsity Softball 2020 Season

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

More than 40 million people play softball each summer which makes it the number one team sport in the United States. 

“My favorite part of the softball season was playing St. Dominic because we were all focused in the game and we all came together as a team. Softball has impacted my life I’ve played ever since I was little. It’s taught me a lot of important life lessons.” Said Junior Leah Sage. 

Timberland varsity softball recently ended their season on October 14. The team broke a school record of having twenty eight home runs in one season.

“The best part of this past season would probably just be getting to play because I know a lot of schools weren’t able to until about two weeks ago. Being able to be on the field with my friends and the rest of the team was my favorite  part.” Senior Jamilyn Bagby said.

Head coach Andy Zerr said the highlight of the season was winning the Fort Zumwalt North tournament.

“My favorite part of coaching softball would be the interaction and building relationships with the girls. They work extremely hard, they’re willing to learn, and try new things. That’s when I get really excited when they are willing to get out of their comfort zone and try to improve themself and work extremely hard to accomplish things that they didn’t think they could accomplish before.” Zerr said.

For more information about this past season be sure to follow Timberland softball on twitter or contact Coach Zerr or Coach Schellert.