Most Popular Halloween Candy

Would you be shocked to find out what the most popular candy is?

Mia Palazzola, Reporter

As spooky season comes closer and more stores start put halloween candy on shelves, there could be some surprises for the most bough and some of the least bought candy.

A school survey recently looked at students and staffs favorite candy. The results shared THS agreed with the most popular candy in the U.S. The most popular candy being Reese with approximately 22.2%, and the least popular a tie of Gum, Pixie Sticks, Tootsie Rolls/ Pops with 2% at THS.

The average money spent on halloween candy was reported by USA today, was 2.6 billion dollars equivalent to about $25 per family according to ABC7 News. While Covid-19 has people questioning how to safely celebrate halloween this year. CNBC reports that candy sales have gone up by 13% since September 6.

St. Louis county has already taken steps to cancel trick or treating events this year, and CDC says to stay safe, wear a mask and continue using precautions if you are participating in trick or treating events this year.