Phase 1 of the Wentzville Roadmap to Reopening Plan

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter & Anchor

Moving into Phase 1 of the Roadmap to Reopening Plan was a large change for Wentzville. Prior to October 19th, the schools had been in Phase 2- a hybrid learning system. Due to the coronavirus THS has had to reevaluate the way school functions for the safety of students and staff.

“I think It will be easier for the teachers, because they won’t have to do two classes at the same time because everyone will be in school.” junior Carys Donaldson said

English teacher Bethany Armstrong, said that her “only concern was that students and teachers would mostly just be worried about Phase 1 due to the fear of the unknown.”

There are still many precautions in place that work to obtain the safety of the students attending in-person school. Masks are required, lunch tables are 6 feet apart and there are QR codes posted on all of the tables to make sure the tracing teams know who was around someone who may be covid positive. 

If you have any questions about covid in our schools, you can check out the WSD website at To learn more about the coronavirus visit the CDC’s website at