LINK Crew 2020

Will Tischler, Reporter

Every freshman who attends Timberland is assigned to a set of LINK Leaders who are able to talk and help them out, both in their A.I. class and sometimes beyond.

“I knew the struggles freshmen had transitioning into high school, and I thought that there should be efforts made to help the transition. Then I heard about this program called LINK Crew, and I went to an informative session about it. I just knew that it would make a big difference for our freshman to set them up for success,” link crew teacher April Smith said.

LINK Crew operates in 3,705 schools in 47 U.S. states, the U.S. has trained 11,424 LINK Crew educators so far, according to

“I chose to do LINK Crew, because I thought I would be really good at helping out the freshman and having a lot of fun with them,” junior Jadyn Schmidt said.

In order to become a part of LINK Crew, students have to audition and be accepted as a LINK Leader. Leaders then must go through training.

“LINK Crew is… [who] I can go to if I ever need something, or if I just don’t want to talk to adults, I can talk to students,” freshman Sarah Figge said.

Students interested in becoming Link Leaders can audition near the end of their sophomore or junior year. For questions about LINK Crew, contact Smith, at [email protected].