Timberland Cheer: The Energy on the Sidelines

Aubrey Nolen, Editor, Anchor & Reporter

The Timberland cheer team practices year round. They cheer at football and basketball games, and in a traditional year also attend competitions. 

“I decided to be on the cheer team, because it’s something that I’ve always done and I really enjoy it,” senior Reese Harbison said. 

The cheer team, which consists of 24 cheerleaders, would usually participate in competitions, but opted not to this year due to COVID-19.

“I think the team influences the school, because we really help with school spirit, and we always advertise the games. It’s kind of hard this year, but it was better in past years. It’s just something fun that everyone looks forward to,” Harbison said.

Though the team will not be competing, they will still be performing at pep assemblies, and on the sidelines at basketball games.

“I have made a lot of friends on cheer… I love everyone on the cheer team, I love the team this year,” junior Anna Jones said.

Coach Erica Wagner said Covid-19 has impacted the team’s season by causing them to get a late start. They were also unable to attend cheer camp.

“My favorite part of coaching cheer is definitely the athletes. Beyond that, I really enjoy helping everybody get more skills. This year we have been focusing on tumbling, seeing them get new skills every week has been really awesome,” Wagner said.

Despite the restrictions, Wagner said the team has found ways to deal with it and still have fun. For more information on the team follow the team on Twitter @CheerTimberland.