Timberland French Classes

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

At Timberland, there are two teachers who teach French, one of three languages offered in the World Languages department. 

“I chose French, because I just thought it was cool. The language sounds really pretty, and I’ve always thought Paris was really beautiful, so I just thought it would be fun to learn the language,” freshman Drew Benjamin said.

French is the only World language in Wentzville that offers dual enrollment for the University of Missouri St. Louis. Students who enroll in this program can earn up to 10 hours of college credit at one-third of the price students taking the class at UMSL would pay.

“My favorite part about taking French would probably be Madame Kaiman and the classroom environment that she creates. She’s a really fun teacher, and she’s really vocal. She really works with the students to get them excited about French,” junior Emma Caplinger said.

Some students said they chose to take French for the future opportunities it could provide. 

“I chose to take French because I felt like everyone took Spanish and German, and I wasn’t really familiar with those languages. I have also always wanted to go to France someday, so it would help if I knew how to speak the language,”  Caplinger said.

If any students are interested in taking a French class, they will need to select the French 1 course when signing up for classes in January.