How Teachers Coped with Level 3

Mia Palazzola, Reporter

Have you ever heard of teachers singing during their lunch break? This is one of many things teachers have done to stay positive and stay in shape during phase three learning. 

Since being in Phase Three learning  November 16, teachers have been learning how to cope with  challenges just as much as students. 

“I’ve seen teachers try tremendous new things, and the things they are trying and the ways they are trying to reach kids with the different technology they’re using to insure kids are learning. To me that’s been a huge plus to virtual learning,” assistant principal Emily Eberhardt said. 

Science teacher Jim Craghead said his biggest challenge was not having any students around. 

Many teacher’s lunch breaks looked different as well. Some teachers walked around the building or participated in school wide spirit challenges, such as singing carols together, designing fun masks, collecting food for Operation Backpack and gathering donations to Goodwill. 

“During my lunch break I enjoy listening to music and watching Youtube videos; that’s something that keeps me refreshed,” ELL teacher Briana Dempsay said. 

To help teachers stay active, despite sitting in front of computers nearly continually for virtual learning, the PE department developed the 12 days of fitness challenge. During the 12 days of fitness,  teachers had a specific exercises. Each day, a new physical activity was added in.