Ladies Basketball Overcomes COVID Challenges, Finds Success

Will Tischler, Reporter

This year all sports have faced new obstacles due to COVID-19; despite these, the ladies Basketball is doing well this season.

“COVID has affected the season, because their are a lot of new rules and restrictions, but other than that it hasn’t really affected us,” sophomore Lexi Wilmseyer said.

Meanwhile, girls from the freshmen and JV basketball teams said that their bond is stronger than others, due to the fact that they all played with each other during their eighth grade season.

“My favorite thing about our team this year is that I think a lot of us got a lot better than last season… and were a lot closer this season,” freshman Ella Lowry said.

The ladies basketball teams have accumulated 18 tournament trophies, displayed in the athletic hall trophy case, their first in 2002, and their most recent one won in 2019.

“COVID has affected our season, because some of our tournaments have gotten canceled and so there really aren’t as many games as there were last year,” freshman Devyn White said.

If you have any questions about joining the 2021-2022 season, contact Coach Kiefer at [email protected].