New Year Resolutions for 2021

Brooke Benne, Anchor/Reporter

As the saying goes, “new year new me.” The year 2021 has finally begun, and with it, new goals and resolutions can be made. But some may wonder, how exactly did the tradition of making a new year’s resolution become what we know today? 

According to, the long-established tradition of writing down our goals for the new year all began 4,000 years ago in Babylon. Babylonians would make promises to the gods to pay their debts or return any items they may have borrowed. If they kept their promise, they believed they would receive a favor the next coming year. This is thought of as the forerunner of the New Year’s resolutions that we are familiar with today.

In the spirit of New Years, some members of Timberland shared their New Year’s resolutions for 2021: 

“My New Year’s resolution is to make more time for myself,”Administrative secretary and assistant Leslie Wagner said.

“To eat healthy, and avoid spending all my money,”Junior Ellary McLaughlin said.

“My New Year’s resolution is to really not stress out too much about things as much as I used too just because you know, it’s my senior year, so just being able to end strong and have a fun time. Despite being and a pandemic I think that’ll help a lot.”Senior Caroline Jenkins said.

“My 2021 resolution is to get back motivated with my school work and get back on my game like I have any previous years. I know a lot of people are struggling this year to be motivated and I feel like that would be a really good resolution for students and teachers to achieve this year.”Junior Cheyenne Tracey said.

As 2020 has come to an end, students and staff at Timberland have made it clear that they have high hopes and goals for this new year!

*Students  arrived back at school on January 4 after being virtual for two months. Interviews were conducted in late December so students had to virtually send or be asked what and why their New Year’s resolutions are what they are for 2021.