Tynlee Jones: The Impact Of A Timberland Dance Captain

Kaylie Lineback, Anchor & Reporter

“A good team captain is just as important as having a good coach. … A captain is responsible – more than anyone else on the field – for the teams successes and failures.” – Ivan Bobanovic.

The Timberland Dance Team is captained by senior Tynlee Jones and co-captained by senior Claire Sitzmann. Focusing in on the impact Jones has on the team, her coach and teammates have good things to say about how she performs while helping the team perform. 

“One important thing our captain Tynlee does for our team is always keeping us positive and motivated,” Sydney Robison said.

The Timberland Dance Team was able to succeed in gaining 1st place in two divisions, two awards for other aspects of their performance, and Tynlee Jones earned 1st place for her solo. An important factor to these accomplishments were Jones’ motivating counts to start the dances. 

“A dance captain contributes many important things to the team. One of the most important things is leadership,” Coach Alexandra Jankowski said.

Jones stands head to head with the speaker ready to lead the rest of the girls into a good practice. While she spins and hits motions the others follow. 

“As cheesy as it sounds, we’re all really one big, happy family including Coach. And I really wouldn’t have it any other way,” \ Jones said.

The team practices in the Cafeteria Monday through Thursday from 2:45 to 4:30. With all of the hard work going on at their practice I was able to see beyond my camera to where Tynlee Jones was giving a teammate pointers after the music ended.