Wonky and Bizarre things in Student Cars

Will Tischler, Reporter

Sometimes people have some pretty funky things in their car. So… what are the weirdest items in THS student’s cars?

“The weirdest thing in my car is a caution wet floor sign from McDonald’s,” junior Andrew Stapf said.

According to hotcars .com Some of the weirdest things car dealerships said they have found in returned cars are a prosthetic leg, a glass eye, a single gingerbread man and a tooth.

“Right now, the weirdest thing I have in my car is a cake knife, because I eat a lot of cake and you can never be too prepared,” junior Emily Lyng said.

According to dailygazette.com, more accident deaths happen when a car is more cluttered due to projectile objects. As communication arts teacher Erica Wagner always says, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“The weirdest thing I have in my car right now is a three-week-old Culvers drink container,” junior Dylan Delgado said.

Some tips given by wowwoodys.com to keep your car clean are to have a designated trash can in your car, use organizers, have a pack of wipes and air freshener and to use cup holder liners.