Timberland Baseball Steps up to the Mound

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter & Anchor

The Timberland baseball team started their season in mid-March. With short preparation and concerns due to Covid-19, the stakes are high, but the team said they still have high hopes.

“I’m really looking forward to state with my team this year,” junior Landon Willbrand said.

The number of baseball players in high school all over the country during the 2018/19 season, included about 482,740 boys, says statista.com.

“With baseball being a popular sport, it creates an even greater impact on Timberland due to the variety of players and their enthusiasm towards the sport,” Coach Andrew Zerr said.

So far, Timberland’s varsity baseball team was able to accomplish many wins so far throughout this 2020-21 season with 8 wins and 1 loss. They beat the Holt, Chaminade, and Fort Zumwalt South, as well as Howell, Fort Zumwalt West and Lutheran South. The team has an 89% winning rate as of March 31.

“I’ve been playing baseball since the time I could first walk,” TJ Schwartz said”My favorite part about baseball is getting to know the players and team. It’s like a family.”

The Wolves’ upcoming games include an away game at Troy on Wednesday, April 7 as well as a district game against Holt on home field on April 20.