Teachers and Staff Give Parting Advice to the Class of 2021

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

The school year is coming to an end, and soon, seniors will be taking their last steps out of highschool. They will take the knowledge they have learned along the way with them, and perhaps some wisdom from teachers and staff.

In a survey available to all students, 24 seniors responded their level of confidence about leaving high school, using a scale from 1-5. The majority students ranked themselves at a 4.

“I feel like I am ready for college however, I do not know if I am completely ready for the real world,”junior Mitchell Weitkamp said.

To soothe the doubts of graduating students, teachers and staff shared advice:

“My advice to seniors is to not notch yourself into one option in life. Keep an open mind and know that at any moment life can change, and that its okay to make different decisions,” English teacher Erica Wagner said.

On May 14, 160 seniors were recognized for awards and honors, as well as local school scholarships at a virtual version of Senior Night. Seniors will also be recognized for academic achievements and honors at graduation.

“You have to take care of yourself psychically, mentally and spiritually. Take time to rest and recharge your batteries,” FACS teacher Teresa Durbala said.

The seniors last day of school is May 21, and they will be graduating June 6 at the Family Arena.

“Good luck to all of you [seniors] and best wishes,”PE teacher Kyle Deweese said.