Preparing for the Next Chapter: College

Will Tischler, Reporter

Preparing for college can be very stressful and sometimes cause lots of anxiety. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for college and be ready for what’s to come.

Tip 1:

Research ways to get involved. Colleges provide a number of opportunities for students to explore previous interests or embark on new hobbies. Whether it’s joining a musical or getting involved in social activities, many colleges make it easy for new students to get involved. Having a plan of action before arriving can help new students select meaningful activities.

Tip 2:

Make a weekly schedule and agenda. Schedules are absolutely key to staying on task and keeping up with incoming events and assignments. For example, it’s much easier to make it to the gym every week if you’ve carved out a certain time of the week to do so. The best thing about schedules is that the creator is in control of their content and style. Once in the habit of using an agenda, it’s a whole lot easier to just stick to the schedule, get things done and keep ongoing.

Tip 3:

Try to create a connection with your roommate. You have to see this person every single day. You also want your room to be a comfortable place where you can relax and unwind, but you can’t do that if there’s tension between you and your roommate. Establish a way of communicating with each other when you need privacy, quiet, support or space. When a disagreement arises between you, as they tend to do with most roommates eventually, the most important thing to do is talk through it. You could even try texting or emailing if face-to-face is too uncomfortable for you. Whatever you do, do not let issues fester. The longer a problem builds up, the bigger the fallout will be when things finally come to a head.

Extra Tips:

Create the most successful college environment for you are getting a study buddy, avoiding procrastination, staying positive, and not forgetting to call home to talk to your loved ones.

Reporters Note: Good luck to all graduates preparing for the next chapter of your life!