A Teacher That Strives to Make Students Comfortable: Ms. Kiefer

Aubrey Nolen, Anchor/Editor/Reporter

Ashlee Kiefer is a teacher that teaches PNPS and biology.

“I’d describe Ms. Kiefer as fun, energetic, she’s super passionate about teaching, and she really likes to connect with her students,” says Freshman Taylor Reiter. “She’s impacted my learning because I never really liked science but she made it fun, it’s just fun to learn in her class.”

Kiefer said that her favorite part about teaching is watching the growth that her student have, not only academically, but also as people.

“For me as a teacher one of the most important things goes way beyond the classroom,” science Teacher Ashlee Kiefer said. “If you work in a high school you are responsible for building that community. If the kids see you at things, they know that you care about them outside of the classroom. It really makes their educational experience that much better.”

Kiefer is also the jv girls basketball coach. She has coached at Timberland for 2 years and spent 7 years coaching jv and 2 as assistant coach for varsity at fort Zumwalt west.

“She’s definitely made my time here a lot more fun and she has taught me a lot of life lessons. She’s just somebody that I look up to,” junior Kiley Colburn sid.

This year Kiefer teaches freshmen and sophomores, but next year she will only be teaching freshmen.