Timberland Marching Band

Aiden Bruer, Reporter

Timberland band is working from the challenges of COVID-19 and the challenges of getting ready for competition and home games.

The marching band had their first competition at Edwardsville on September 18th and took third.

“We’re really trying to ramp up our qualifications, ” junior Brett Hallemeier said.

The marching band is trying to perform better and place higher in the competition, according to students in the class.

“We’re starting to get back into the season again. After getting around COVID restrictions,” junior Mark Vandonsel said.

Last year, the band had to stand six feet apart while they played, which challenged the marching band as they did formations. Some advice for improving this year?

“Eat, sleep and drink a lot of water. It gets hot a lot of times,” junior Carl Graham said.

Getting prepared for the competition is one an important part, Graham said

“A lot of times this year you have to calm the underclass men’s nerves, this is their first time doing it and it really helps,” Graham said.

Being in a band also requires students to play in halftime shows and competitions. Playing in a big crowd is nerve-racking to some kids, according to Graham.

“We’re just adjusting back into the season and helping our freshmen get used to it,” band director Courtney White said.