Teachers As Coaches

Sam Kirby, Reporter

Many teachers do more than simply teach. At THS, 35% of teachers also coach a sport. 

One of these is dance coach Alexandra Jankowski.

 “We do a lot of team building activities. We do a lot of character building and we have our team meetings in the morning. Our character is leaned towards our dancers improving themselves as well as helping out each other,” Jankowski said. 

Jankowski is a math teacher and teaches AP statistics, Formal Algebra 2 and Advanced Algebra 2. 

“Her coaching is very fun. She really likes to have fun with us and she is just great,” sophomore Ellie Thompson said.

According to InspirationDanceWear, jazz is currently the most popular dance style in the United States. 

“I definitely want my students and players to gain confidence in themselves in whatever activity they are doing such as learning science or learning to become a better hitter…It is all about gaining confidence,” softball coach Andy Zerr said. 

Zerr is a science teacher. 

“The best lesson someone can learn from playing softball is to never take anything for granted,”  sophomore Audrey Silver said. 

According to SportsDestinations, on average 40 million Americans will play at least one game of softball a year. 

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