Business Teacher Michael Olivia Wins Statewide Award

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Business teacher Michael Olivia was awarded the “Marketing Educator of the Year” award by the Missouri Marketing and Cooperative Education Association earlier this fall. 

Olivia said he was surprised and proud to win the award as it is given out only once a year.

“Mr. Olivia really cares for his students. His courses are interesting, hard and out of the box… they are a set up for the future,” senior Jaxson Collier Collier said.

DECA and the marketing classes help many students find their career path, Olivia said. 

“I know what I am going to do in the future and have learned to be an effective leader [by taking Oliva’s classes],” senior Sydney Tucker said.  

Tucker further explained she feels like Mr.Olivia has taught her a lot more about the real world than any other class. 

“Lots of brand managers, marketing managers and social media people have come through this class,” Olivia said. 

For more information on Oliva and the award, visit the Wentzville School District’s Community Relations page.