Greatest Fears at Timberland

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

Spooky season has finally arrived. Many frights come from all around, from haunted houses to horror movies during the month of October, but at THS some people have fears that haunt them year-round.

“One of my main [ones(fears]) is underwater predators… But a realistic fear I have is that when I die, I will leave the world as a worse place than when I came here,” social studies teacher Isaiah Winkelmann said. 

Fear has been associated with October and Halloween since the Celtic festival of Samhain, where it was believed by Celts that the boundary between living and dead blurred, according Since then, fear is a commodity profited from in cinema, haunted houses, and other festive events around fall season. 

“My biggest fear is snakes and my brother,” sophomore Ella Lowry said. 

Over 200 Timberland students and staff weighed in on a survey, listing fears varying from baby dolls to birds, with death/dying being the most common fear overall, with 15.7%.

“I have a fear of satellites, because I am scared they are talking to aliens,” junior Marley Meyer said. 

Fear of animals and insects, things environment-related, heights, blood, and social situations are some of the most common phobias today, with 12.5% of adults in the US having specific phobias, according to 

“My biggest fear is the ocean. There is just so much we don’t know about the ocean, so why wouldn’t you be scared of that?” junior Tatum Smith said.