New THS Theater Performance, Debuts Nov. 11

In Person Audiences Are Back

Carter Winston, Reporter

In person audiences are back and Timberland theatre will be kicking the year off with their annual play productions.

Timberland will perform “The Bold The Young and The Murdered,” created by Don Zolidis, November 11 to 13 at 7:00 p.m. 

“The best part about being in the play is acting with my friends, I mean I’ve loved acting ever since I was a kid so, it’s fun just to do it with all my friends this year,” senior Mikah Beck said.

Beck said she wants to continue performing after high school. She has previously performed in “Sweet Surrender,” and said this has been her favorite performance yet.

“It’s kind of a light-hearted thing, there’s nothing too strenuous about it,” senior Ethan Mears said.

Mears and the cast practice almost every day.

“The hardest part is also working with the actors, it’s when they don’t know their lines it’s frustrating, because then I have to help them go through it but, that’s all just part of the job. The hardest part ends up being the best part, ” Senior Katelyn Rushing, stage manager, said.

“The Bold The Young and The Murdered,” is a comedic murder mystery production. It revolves around characters performing in a soap opera, and they’re all odd and unique in their own way. However one night, the director is murdered, and the cast must figure out who is behind it all before it’s too late. Catch the performances at the Carl E. Reininger theatre!